Wednesday, June 14, 2017

           VirtacoinPlus is a modern cryptocurrency replacing the former well known VirtaCoin which was launched back in July 1, 2014. It is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency based on the X-11 algorithm and is supported by a high energy  and worldwide community.
           VirtaEarn is a website about earning cryptocurrencies and investment in VirtacoinPlus.  Investment of your time and money in VirtacoinPlus development and promotion.   VirtaEarn is about to create more demand for VirtacoinPlus (XVP) in the Global Market. In the World of Trade “When demand is  higher than Supply, prices rise, and when Supply is  higher than demand, prices fall”. Obviously, this is what happens on a daily basis in any market. 
           Let’s say we can convince about ten thousand (10,000) people to buy at least 500 XVP each, that makes five million coins (5,000,000) which will automatically create a market shortage of coins because the total coins circulation is about 8.8 million coins now. 
           There is a problem that promotion is not useful if you are promoting “bad” coin, a coin without an active development and strong basic things like blockchain and underlying services.  When there are more than 870 cryptocurrencies on the market , it is called a competition market. So, in order to get some attention, every community member (VirtacoinPlus holder) must invest some of his time and money in VirtacoinPlus development. 
           VirtaEarn is ready to teach you how to do that. And how to earn some money for VirtacoinPlus development. As well as how to spend your time in the right direction for VirtacoinPlus promotion.  There is a lot of ways to spend your time productively and turn it into the maximum income in the cryptocurrency world.